Is A Cure For Sciatica Back pain Possible?

First of all it is important to discover the cause of your sciatic pain before you start on a regimen of the best  daily sciatica exercises, otherwise you risk irritating the sciatic nerve some more and causing yourself even more pain. This means a trip to see you medical doctor, some x-rays, and maybe an mri (magnetic resonance imaging), so that the problem can be properly diagnosed.

In the meantime, you should be icing the middle of your lower back, to reduce the swelling and your pain level. Icing, or a cold pack should be used for the first 3 days, icing for 10-15 minutes at a time, every hour or so.

Now it used to be thought that bed rest was the best cure for sciatic pain, but more recent medical research and scientific test have shown that in fact movement does indeed help recovery. Now the exercises recommended for sciatic pain do depend on the cause of the problem, so you should check with your doctor first. Many sciatic nerve pain patients have found that very short walks help, just for 3 minutes to begin with, after 3 hours of rest. This should help you to walk without pain in your legs, and you should gradually try to increase the length of your walks, assuming there is no leg pain. The walking should be done on level ground, ie no slopes or hills.

nerve pain in back

best sciatica exercises include walking, some doctors now say
Some people find that lying on their stomach, with the head turned to one side, while the arms are by the side, and then relaxing is a beneficial exercise for them. This positron should be held for 1 to 2 minutes.

Pelvic tilts are also used to strengthen the back as it gently moves the spine while stretching the lower back. To do these, lie on your back on a firm surface with your knees bent, and your feet firmly on the floor. Put your arms by your side. Then slowly tighten your stomach muscles, and press your lower back into the floors. hold this position for 10 seconds, but do not hold your breath, and then slowly relax.

If these exercises cause you significant pain then stop them immediately and see a medical professional. These exercises are done gently to help the back maintain its strength. After the first day or two of rest, the back will soon lose its conditioning and become weak and easily strained unless some gentle exercises are done to help it keep its strength.
Your doctor may suggest that you visit a physical therapist, or a chiropractor so they can help you with the best sciatica exercises to reduce your sciatic pain more quickly – it is certainly something you should consider.

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